Meet Valerie

The early Phoenix days, Dad, Val, Mom, Brother.Brother Chip, Scooter, ValerieVals dad

My grandparents moved to Phoenix in 1950 while my dad was serving in the army.  My dad and mom moved us to Phoenix when I was 9 years old and dedicated their lives to seeing that my brother and I had a better life than they had.  My brother and I went to Lafayette Elementary School and graduated from Camelback High School.  I started working at American Express while I was still in high school.  During the 37 years I was with American Express I earned a business degree and raised my 2 boys, for a while as a single parent.  I met my husband Mike and we raised our blended family in the northwest valley.

Following a successful career with American Express, I retired and continue working for the betterment of our community in the Deer Valley School District.  Three other members of our family work in the Peoria School District.  We are staunch supporters of public education and the promise it represents to the future of our state.  Along with hundreds of other ordinary Arizonans I worked hard to get the Save Our Schools petition on the ballot and will vote no on Prop 305.  As your representative in LD22, I will work for sustainable funding for public education and to ensure that all schools getting public funding are held to the same stringent financial and academic standards.  Our students deserve no less.

Our four kids were born and raised in the valley.  They attended public schools.  Now they are settling down here, getting married, buying first homes, starting families.  I see them, their peers, and many Arizonans struggling to find well-paying careers so they can buy homes and start families, often while facing substantial student loan debt.  I remember living paycheck to paycheck, worrying about how I was going to put food on my kids’ table and a roof over their heads.  I am determined that our millennials will not be the first generation to be less well-off than their parents.  As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation Arizona cannot rely on low-wage service sector jobs for economic growth.  I will work to expand our small and mid-sized businesses in the northwest valley by ensuring our education system provides a strong, skilled work force and by investing in the modern infrastructure to support them.  I believe that a big piece of that will be an investment in solar power and green energy industries.  They will provide good paying jobs and help protect our environment for our grandkids.

I am running as a Clean Elections Democrat for an Arizona State House seat in Legislative District 22 because I believe our citizens deserve every opportunity for success.   I believe we need a broader vision to attract and retain high paying employers who value long-term commitment to Arizona citizens.  I believe in a strong commitment to public education and our environment.  I believe fiercely in protection for our individual rights and freedoms.  I believe our state’s diversity is one of our biggest strengths.  I believe in a fair, secure and prosperous Arizona and am asking for your vote on November 6, 2018.

Son in law Nick graduation Proud mom with son Kevin at USAF basic training grad. Val with son Kevin graduating Embry Riddle using his GI Bill.First granddaughter Lillie making Christmas cookies